Advisory at George Junior High

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

October 20 Daily Announcements

Talk It Over Tuesday!

ALL students will participate in peer tutoring today. Consult your peers in Advisory, email friends from class to get help with homework, consult your peers, or create a plan to complete your missing work before October 23 so grades get counted this quarter.

October 21 Daily Announcements

This week's "What to Read Wednesday Lesson" is located under the Book Genres Tab in the GJHS LMC Website.

Teachers can engage* with students or instruct the students to work independently. Students that like to be challenged are encouraged to create their own Comic Strip and submit in the GJHS LMC Google Classroom for a chance to win a weekly prize!

Each week that a student submits a completed* weekly challenge to the GJHS LMC Google Classroom they will be entered to win the $50End of the Year Grand Prize!

*teachers can share a graphic novel book trailer located on LMC Website ad/or share different free apps/online websites to create their own comic strips. There are some located under other student links tab in the LMC Website.

*(no partial projects/lesson/challenges will be entered for prizes)

Call Mrs. Cash if you have questions.