Photo of Mrs. Julie Dudley.

Mrs. Julie Dudley

John Tyson Counselor

What are School Counselors?
"School Counselors are the first line of 
support for students. Students can't achieve 
academically when they can't cope with 
social and emotional problems. School 
counselors can help guide students in their 
journey through childhood and 
adolescence." Harry Wong


John Tyson Elementary Counselor Corner



What services do School Counselors provide?

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Crisis Intervention Services

Parent Education and Conferencing

Teacher Collaboration and Conferencing

Student Leadership Opportunities

Classroom Guidance Lessons

-Drug Awareness-
-Decision Making-
-Conflict Resolution-
-Problem Solving-
-Anger Management-
-Social Skills-
-Study Skills-
-Career Education-
-Character Education-
and more.....!!!!


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