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Our Culture

Our foundation will be built on trust, creating a safe and inclusive environment, utilizing personalized learning, embracing an innovative and growth mindset, engaging in rigorous academics, developing student agency, and fostering social-emotional growth and character development so ALL students can reach their highest potential.  


Create a community of interdependent learners where all feel safe, important, valued, and loved.  We will develop relationships with students and their families so the environment is safe and welcoming.  


We will implement best practices for school-wide and individual student safety through emergency procedures, school policies, and staff oversight.

Parent and Community Partnerships

Create a positive and collaborative school culture, where parents and community partnerships enhance student learning.

Personalization of Learning

Provide learning experiences that are flexible, purposeful, student centered, technology rich, and allow for student voice and choice.  We will personalize learning with innovative teaching and learning practices so everyone in our learning community engages in the learning process and understands how challenge builds brain power. We will build an academic foundation through the concepts of building knowledge, making meaning of that learning, and students applying understanding in ways they choose. 


I have not learned this yet, but I will learn this! "I can do hard things."  We will encourage students to be creative and innovative learners and problem solvers.  

The Learning Challenge

Real learning comes from being brave enough to challenge ourselves and “go into the learning pit” (Nottingham, 2003). We do not give up when we face challenges! We keep working through the challenge!  It means that when we challenge ourselves to learn new things, it is okay if it is hard. We make mistakes, and that’s okay, because that is how we learn.

Student Agency

Learners will understand success comes from believing in themselves and their potential. Students will develop student agency by fostering skills of:

Self-Aware - I am aware of myself e.g. my actions, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, and next steps.

Determined - I do not give up when I am faced with a challenge.

Reflect - I think about and look back on my learning to enable me to make the best move forward.

Wonder - I have the desire to be curious about something.

Question - I find out.

Thinking - I have an idea, opinion, or belief about something.

Connect - I link knowledge and thinking together to create new understandings.

Social-Emotional Growth and Character Development

We will foster social emotional growth through character education, directly teaching learner qualities, instilling confidence, and equipping students with the skills they need to interact respectfully and responsibly with their school and community.  

Our character education focus will be on developing the following traits…


Self Discipline- exercising control over one’s emotions and actions

Responsibility- to be accountable for my behavior


Cooperation- getting along with others and working together

Initiative- taking responsible action on your own without prompting from others 


Thankfulness- being grateful and saying so

Humility- modesty; absence of self-pride


Generosity- an unselfish attitude; willing to share with others

Empathy- the ability to understand and share the feelings of another 


Patience- waiting with a happy spirit

Compassion- feeling for another’s need and wanting to help


Honesty- truthful words and ways

Integrity- confirmed virtue and uprightness of character


Courtesy- the act of kindness and civility

Thoughtfulness- consideration of others 


Perseverance- to continue to work toward a goal even when obstacles and difficulties arise

Determination- a firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end 


Respect- a high or special regard; honor one another

Self-Control- the ability to control one’s impulses, emotions and actions

Student Voice and Choice

Provide learners with voice and choice in their learning.  Students will understand how they learn best, and they will have the opportunity to apply their learning through many avenues. Students will create, wonder, discover, and follow their passions and interests as they learn.