Don’t forget the Penny War starts tomorrow!!!
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Penny War
Some of our Tyson Tiger students presented to Dr. Rollins and our School Board sharing examples of how we “dare” to take risks in our strategies, be innovative in our thinking, and personalize our learning. #THEChoice #launchintolearning
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Some of our students at Board Meeting
Students present to School Board
Due to inclement weather, we will be canceling tutoring this afternoon. Also the 4th grade Veterans Day program for tonight has been rescheduled to next Monday night, November 18th. Students will need to arrive at 5:30 and the program will be at 6:00.
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We had guests this morning to deliver a message about kindness and anti-bullying. Miss New Hampshire High, Anna Claire Hay, had student volunteers race to squeeze the toothpaste out of the toothpaste tubes. Then they had to try to put the toothpaste back in. Not so easy. The point was that when we say unkind words, it’s not so easy to take them back and make it right. Also, she taught us about being brave...b-build, r-relationships, a-and, v-value, e-everyone.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
BRAVE lesson
Toothpaste activity
Can you believe it’s November already? Please mark your calendars for our Thanksgiving break. Since we will have a full week off for Thanksgiving, let’s strive to make this a “no miss” November and not miss a single day of school so we can continue to grow our learning to great levels. Happy November!
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Thanksgiving break
Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed Saturday night. Also, daylight savings time is a good time to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors in your home.
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Daylight savings time
World Food Week is November 4th-8th. JTE students may bring in non-perishable items for our food drive next week that will benefit local families.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Food drive info
Thank you Nurse Lisa Huskey for teaching SFLP students about heart health and sickness. Wonderful information to keep us and our children healthy. Do you want to learn English for free? Come join our class Monday to Thursday 8:00-11:00. Free English classes,  free daycare, special guest speakers, and spend time in your child’s classroom. Call school at 479-750-8862. Le damos gracias ala Enfermera Lisa Huskey  por enseñar  a los estudiantes de la clase de SFLP  sobre la salud del corazón y enfermedades dio mucha información como mantenernos saludables y como mantener a nuestros hijos sanos. Quieres aprender Inglés gratis? Ven y unite a nuestras clases que se llevan a cavo  de Lunes a Jueves de 8am a 11am. Clases gratis de Inglés,cuidado de niños gratis, personas especiales de diferentes organizaciones y tiempo para compartir con tu hijo(a) en la clase. Para  más información llama ala escuela al número (479)750-8862
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Nurse Huskey checking blood pressure in SFLP class.
Nurse Huskey is in SFLP class today talking about health and wellness.
Nurse Huskey in SFLP.
Blood pressure checks
Weird fungus on this tree...Fifth grade students are scientists looking for decomposers.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Scientific investigations
Fungus among us
Soft start today- Students in Mrs. Williams’s first grade class used their learner qualities and inquiry-based learning to investigate pumpkins! #launchintolearning #THEChoice
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Inquiry-based learning
Using learner qualities
Investigate pumpkins
John Tyson Elementary Important Safety Notice RE: Car Rider Tags Anyone picking up students in our car rider line must display a car rider tag on their rear view mirror the entire time until the child is safely loaded in the car. If you do not have a car tag, you must leave the car rider line, park in a parking space, and go to the office with your current ID to get a car rider tag. Even if you are in a different car or send a different person to pick up your child(ren), you must have a car rider tag. This is for safety purposes and will be enforced. Thank you for your cooperation. Cualquier persona que recoja a los estudiantes en la línea de carros debe de mostrar una etiqueta en el espejo retrovisor todo el tiempo hasta que el niño esté dentro de su carro asegurado. Si no tiene una etiqueta, debe salir de la línea de carros, estacionarse en una espacio del estacionamiento, y entrar a la oficina con una identificación actual y obtener una etiqueta para su carro. Incluso si está en un carro diferente o una persona diferente viene a recoger a su hijo(os) tienen que tener la etiqueta en el carro. Esto es por razones de seguridad y se aplicará. Gracias por su cooperación. Juon naan in kojelaik kab kakememej nan jinen kab jemen ri jikul ro kajojo, bwe ilo ien eo koj kajeon naj bok ajiri eo nejum elikin an moj jikul, ej aikuij bed car tag eo ibbam ilo tore eo koj pick up e ajiri eo nejum. Jekdron wa ta eo koj ettor kake, emaron wa eo waam ak waan bar ro jet, ak waan rental ko, jekdron wa ta eo koj ettor kake, ej aikuij bed pick up card eo ibbam ilo tore eo koj pick up e ajiri eo nejum jen imon jikul eo. Ne enaj itok juon ijelokum nan an bok ajiri eo nejum jen imon jikul eo, ej aikuij bed pick up card eo ibben. Komol tata ilo ami naj melele ilo wawen in.
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Help us celebrate Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 28th-Nov.1st: Monday- Wear your favorite team jersey. Tuesday- Wear mismatched shoes. Wednesday- Wear Hawaiian clothes. Thursday- Wear a book character costume. Friday- Wear your pajamas.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Red Ribbon Week
Our 4th grade students will be performing a patriotic program to honor veterans at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 8th and at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 11th. Please invite your family members who served and send in uniformed pictures to by Nov.1st.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Veteran's Day
Last Friday Mrs. Guzman’s class carved the pumpkin they got from the pumpkin patch field trip, and today they made a “pump-cano” with it! Such a fun science experiment!
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Science fun
Mixing it up
Carving a pumpkin
Tonight is TigerFest at school from 5:30-7:30!!! Hope to see you there.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
TigerFest 5:30-7:30 tonight
Just a reminder that we will not have school this Friday or Monday for students. Enjoy your Fall break.
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
No school Friday or Monday for students
Dear Tyson School Family, I wanted to share with you all that I got to go to Washington DC last week to be honored and recognized as a National Distinguished Principal! Wow! What an honor that I will never forget. I got to meet 60 other National Distinguished Principals from across our country, got to meet people like US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and others from the US Dept of Education, and many other awesome experiences. But to be honest, I feel that this is OUR award and recognition! It takes all of us working together to be the best we can be for our students and all of our school family. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. I will write more about this experience soon, but wanted to share this experience with you now as I am so proud of all of us and proud to be a Tyson Tiger. Thank you again. Shelly Poage, Proud Principal
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
National Distinguished Principal
Got to meet Secretary Betsy DeVos
Awards ceremony
Wow. Please read this article about student academic growth. This report rated Springdale #1! #THEChoice #Launchintolearning
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Fourth grade students during soft starts first thing in the morning designed to grow innovative thinking through problem solving, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. #THEChoice #Launchintolearning
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Creativity and problem solving during soft starts
Soft starts
Mrs. Keen’s 4th grade students are learning fractions using hands-on manipulates like play dough and chocolate. What a fun and engaging way to learn math! #THEChoice #Launchintolearning
over 4 years ago, John Tyson Elementary
Fractions using chocolate
Fractions with play dough
Discussing fractions using chocolate
Using chocolate to help learn fractions